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  Amrut Abhinandan Granth

On the 3rd Day of August in the year 1933. When a boy born in Desai family. Place was the village Pransva, near Junagadh, of India.

Parents or town people never know that the child will become a glorious and shining star of the world of the Jainism.

After 13 days the child given name “Janak”

At growing age that child joined the study but didn’t found matching himself with social academic education. He moved to the way of religion and penance. Day by day went into the depth of the Jainism. Did detailed study of Jain agms. Got the religious educational guidance from shri Ratilalji m.s. spiritual guidance from Pranlalji m.s.

On the Fagan Sud Bij of vs. 2014 Janak became “Janakmuni m.s.” Started the life as a monk and did so many works religious as well as social too. Preached many laces people to lead towards the betterment of life by way of Jainism. His scholarly study of Agams made him expert and profound for 32 Agams. This proficiency leads him to achieve the award of “Agam Diwakar” in 1968 at his young age. Then in 2002 he awarded with other award of “Gurjar Saint Shiromani” and in 2005 again he affiliated with “Bahushrut”

This great devotee now enters in his 75th year of life on the 3rd August 2007. This event will be celebrated specially. Shree Vardhman Seva Sangh is busy with high quality publication of Jain religion’s materials.

The 75th birth anniversary of hon. shri Janakmuniji m.s. Will be celebrated as Diamond Jubilee Celebration by Shri Vardhman Seva Sangh, Junagadh. On this occasion Shri Vardhman Seva Sangh will publish a book, a volume predicting the life scetch of hon. Janakmuniji m.s.

This volume will contain various different aspects regarding Gondal Gatcch and hon. shri Janakmuni m.s. This volume is divided in five parts. First parts are “Vandan-Abhinandan”; means the honour, respects and applause to Jainism and all the followers. Of that cult.

Second part is “Gondal Gatchh no Gauravvanto Itihas”; means the great history of the Gondal Gatchh. Manifestation to present development of the Gondal Gatcch.

Third Part is “Gondal Gatchh na Gauravvanta Sainto” This part explains the details of saints. Fourth part is “Jivan Darshan, Sanyam Saurabh” and the Fifth is “sahitya Na Vividh Aayamo” which contains many different small and big articles regarding various subjects. It is the specialty of this fifth part that all the articles of this part will be collected from the people from Jain society. Moreover the articles will also be motivated with first, second and third prize, and the writer of that article will be honored in the festival.

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