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About Shapar & High Schoo l
  About Shapar and High School

(Registered under Indian Public Trust Act of 1950)
(Reg No: E/5702/Junagrah dated 11.02.2005)


An Appeal for a Noble & Worthy Community Cause

Shree Khodiyar Mataji Bapasitaram Trust (SKMB Trust) is a Registered Charitable Trust, formed in the year 2004, dedicated to cause of community welfare and upliftment through various activities, like establishing and running of Educational, Medical, Religious, institutes / centers, with no discrimination to Caste, Creed, Race or Religion.

The governing philosophy of Trust is not to doll out cash or kind to individuals, even if deserving, but to empower them with Training, Skill Development and Providing help in creating necessary infrastructure so that deserving members of society are empowered to develop their self esteem, self respect, self support and thus contributes to Nation Building.

SKMB Trust has pioneered their activities in backward and rural area of Saurashtra region (coast while ‘Kathiawad’) of Gujarat.

The Trust engages local people in creating infrastructure with their active participations and puts all efforts that initiative of local people flourishes and not vanishes out, due to lack of resources or knows how.

SHAPAR is a small village with population of about 3500 mainly comprising small landowners, agriculture labors and other backward communities. Much of the land is barren and whatever fertile land was available, is turning into desert due to reducing rainfall and drying up of river/dam and thus pushing more people to unemployment. There is no industry worth name, exists in or around Shapar.

In last 60 years after independence, Government could establish only one Primary School parting education up to primary level of 7th Standard. For all practical purpose, school exists only on paper because there is no existence of proper school building, school furniture & eminities, permanent non-availability of trained & qualified teachers and apathy of Administration.

People and their wards, who overcome all these lacunae and clear Primary level of education faces a bigger question mark as soon as their wards complete 7 standard (Primary Education). They have no alternative then to enroll them in nearby towns for Higher Education. These towns viz Bagasra, Jetpur, Visavadar, etc are miles away, involving minimum 10 km of daily journey. Only mode of public transport available is state run Bus Service that is hardly reliable and runs on precarious roads, which invariably wash away on first rain of season.

The plight of Girl Students, who persuaded their education beyond primary level in nearby town/s is very pathetic and grew some. The conditions become worst in Rainy Season. Not only their academic career, but even their safety is at stake when due to rain, return trip of ricketary bus service is not available and they have no means to reach safely to their village home. It is sad but heartening to know that still about 100 girls face these daily hardships for years and pursue their education beyond primary level in nearby town.

Around, 2006 end, when members of Bhimani family, natives of Shapar, who have developed their business in Mumbai, had a religious customary ceremony at Shapar. During their family function, whole village was invited to participate. At that time, the elders of village narrated plight of their wards, desirous to pursue their High School study. A couple of good hearted villagers among them offered their land, for the purpose and the Bhimani family immediately contributed and arranged for premises, to start with in old available structure and assured for maintenance and running of High School.

Thus S.R.P.D. Bhimani & Agam Divakar Janakmuni High School was formed modestly, in a 4-room structure with government permission to commence only one class of standard 8. The results of one year of conducting 8th standard class is overwhelming i.e. 92%. The Education Deptt. was impressed upon and has sanctioned immediately permission for conducting 9th Standard from current year.

However, there will be a dead block next year, as existing infrastructure is sufficient only to run one class each of 8th & 9th standard as per Education Depatt. norms and rules. Again students have to face hardships for remaining 2 years of Higher Education.

A good start always follows good people. Even though Trust has only resources to construct infrastructure suitable for 2 classes and corpse of about Rs. 25.00 lakhs for running them, the Trust ventured, to start construction of planned Bldg. on support and Blessings of Shri Janakmuni Maharaj and good hearted people.

His Holiness Shri Janakmuni Maharaj, a highly esteemed Dharam Guru was overwhelmed by Trust activities and School Results and recommended to some of his vast followers. The Trust was able to start construction of own School Building with His blessings on 27.02.2008. The enclosed plan of School Building is estimated to cost about Rs. 32.00 lakhs (US $ 78,000.00) for construction only. Budget for furnished 6 Class Rooms (for 8, 9 & 10 standards), Laboratory, Computer Room, Staff & Principal Room, Prayer/meeting Hall, emenities etc comes to further Rs. 18.00 lakhs (US $ 44,000.00).

Shri Janakmuni’s inspiration has motivated Mr. Shashikant Kotecha, a well known philanthropist and founder of Saurashtra Medical & Educational Charitable Trust, Rajkot & ‘Life’ chain of Charitable Medical facilities, to donate construction cost of Prayer Hall i.e. Rs. 5.00 lakhs.

The world renowned Magician Shri K. Lal (native of Bagasra) has come out to help the Trust, to cover up short fall in running of full fledge school by offering income from nos of Stage Shows to be held by Trust in prospective cities, for the purpose.

Thus the budgeted cost of remaining 10 Rooms (6 Class Room + 4 affiliated services Room) is about Rs. 50.00 lakhs. The Trust request you, your relatives and friends to contribute at least Rs. 2.00 Lakhs (US $ 5000.00) each and thus bear cost of one room construction or for furnishing of the same. A plaque (bearing name of donor or his suggestion) will be placed on respective Room for permanent display.

Please note that all Contribution/Donation to Shree Khodiyar Mataji Bapasitaram Trust are exempted from Income Tax under Sec. 80 (G). Certificate to this effect is obtained from concerned authority and certified copy of the same will be made available to prospective Doner/s against their contribution.

Jai Jinendra……… !

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