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  Award "Saurashtra Kesri"

‘Saurashtra Kesri’ Shri Pranlalji m.s.

Shri Pranlalji m.s. was the glorious personality of Jain cult of Gondal Gutchh. He uplifted the Jain cult of Gondal Gutchh up to the markable height. He had devoted his life for reformation and upliftment of Jainism.

In 1996 Shri Kashiramji m.s. the “Panjab Kesri” came to Junagadh. He was conducting the public preach daily there in Junagadh. Once he invited gurudev Shri Pranlalji m.s. to deliver the speech to the public. Gurudev Shri Pranlalji m.s. respectfully accepted the invitation and conducted the public. He delivered the speech he delivered was so sound and effective and was catching too; the speech impressed to ‘Panjab Kesri. Shri Kashiranji m.s. captivated by listening to this speech from Shri Pranlalji m.s. After the speech finished Shri Kashiramji m.s. told to Pranlalji m.s. “You are Kesri (Lion) of Saurashtra” and thus he awarded with “Saurashtra Kesri”

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