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Agam Divakar shri Janakmuni has been doing many activities.

Like Ramkrisna Mission, religious activities in religioun and social activities and educational activities in society.

from the childhood hon. Janakmuni was attached with religious feeling. Because of this attachment he left the academic education and piked up the way of pathshala and gradually became the Agam Divakar.

After receiving the dixa on Fagan Sud Bij Janakmuni have been doing many more spiritual activities. It may be said that Janakmuni accept the dixa only with a view to serv the jain religion as well as the society.

By knowledge and penance he became the shining star of the society.

Many more religious activities have been done in presence of shri Janakmini maharaj saheb during his chaturmases at diffrent places all over the India.

Pansathiya Jap is one of the honourable penance, in 1995 in Mumbai Janakmuniji commenced the aaradhna of this Pansathiya Jap. Still, that jap is going on every year with full respect, faith and devotion.

Janakmuni embark on a too many places on foot that took him to the way to development of jain community, and society spiritually. During his each and every chaturmas many more 'tapasyas' have been conducted and celebrated. Fastivals are also celebrated.

With the apeal of Janakmuni many people of diffrent age group have uplifted their lives by attending many penance like Attham, Atthai, Mas Kshman, Varsitap etc.


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