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Janakmuni was born in the village of Pransva, near Junagadh, in Gujarat, in India. From the childhood he was very interested, attracted impressed with religion. He did not spend his precious and valuable time in academic and traditional education. He joined Pathshala and started to learn all the details and facts of Jainism like Thokdas, Agams etc.

Though living with family he was totally dissolved with religious. He was precocious for being the saint. Once Saurashtra Kesri shri Panlalji maharaj saheb visited Junagadh, he met child Janak. He found him glorious personality. When child Janak explained to be saint, Pranlalji maharaj saheb exulted too much. He provides proper help and guidline to Janak for better progress to achieve his goal. The disciple of shri Pranlalji maharaj shri Ratilalji maharaj started to recast life of child Janak by teaching everyday new lessons of religion. By the time Saurashtra Kesri shri Pranlalji maharaj saheb became weak by heath. He was suffering from leg pain. Gradually the leg pain increased and started to affect the heart.

On Magshar Vad 13th of Vikram Samvat 2013 Pranlalji maharaj called Janak and informed that after two days he will be no more. He also told Janak “Your dixa will be arranged by shri Ratilalji mahartaj saheb along with another five women. You bill be master of Agam, and for that you need to go to Marwad for the further study of Agams.” In addition, on the Vad 13th of Vikram Samvat 2013 shri Pranlalji maharaj left the world. Now shri Ratilalji maharaj was looking after the Jank for his better education.

It was the Fagan Sud 2 of Vikram Samvat 2014 - the glorious day when a family member assigned to the society for the best prosperity of jain world and society. At Veraval in Gujarat the great festival celebrated and Janak provided the Dixa. “Janak” bestowed to the religion and became “Janakmuni”.

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