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  Shree Prshan Pradip

‘Prshan Pradip’ is the collections of 230 questions answered by hon. shri janakmuniji. many people had been asking the questions related to different aspects of religion and shri janakmuni replied them with their great knowledge.

All the questions were asked at different time by different person and also about different subjects of the Jain religion. These questions were about religion attachment, holiness of ‘Pratikraman’, how to make excellent character, discipline of knowledge and action, ‘Karma’, Mind of a man and its activities, Who is the real thinker and many more so on and on...

Shri Himatbhai Shah and Shri Ramanlal Jivraj Shah of Ahmedabad had been taking keen interest in this communication of shri Janakmuniji with their followers regarding questions. They both Shri Himatbhai Shah and Shri Ramanlal Jivraj Shah found that questions were scattered and had asked at different time and it required being collected serially and according to subjects to make a nice book. Shri Himatbhai Shah and Shri Ramanlal Jivraj Shah forced hon. shri Jnakmuni to kindly permit to do so, and he collected this scattered knowledge provided by shri Janakmuni in from of answers.

Following are some of the questions covered in this book:

- What is the motive after conveying the honour by bowing? (‘Namaskar’ or ‘Vandan’)

- Why the best and holy activities in the world are more affected by hurdles mostly?

- Why hurdles do not disturb bad activities?

- How one can know the unlonglastingness of the world?

- What thinks a person who is going to become a monk when his parents cry at the time    of his achiving the 'Dixa' ?

- What is the difference between the two person one who makes fasting according to    the jainism and the other one who suffers from hunger and dose not get food, as    both person become weak ?

her religious activities? Kindly explain this with some example to understand easily.

- What is the prime requirment for success in 'Action-Purity' ?

- How trueness of the religion can be confirmed ?

Many other questions are there in the book and hon. shri Janakmuniji has satisfied all the questions with their knowledge.

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