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Agam Divakar shri Janakmuni has devoted his life to adopt and follow the principles of lord Mahavir. He concentrated on promoting morality and molding spiritual character. Because of his sympathetic nature and care for sufferers.
Agam Divakar shri Janakmuniji has conducted many different types of such activities which promoted the upliftment in the society.

Some of those activities are.....
To arrange for grins, cloths and some cash amount to poor and needful jain families.

In our society there are many jain families who those have enough primary facilities like day today grains, milk, or cloths to maintain their family and their life becomes miserable. For betterment of these type of families Agam Divakar shri Janakmuniji appeals to the rich and well to do people of our jain cult and just by saying of Agam Divakar shri Janakmuniji these people helps to these weaker families. Thus Agam Divakar shri Janakmuniji arranges the facilities for sufferers; and till the day he has continue this activity.

Distribution of Sewing Machine
The birthday of Agam Divakar shri Janakmuniji has been celebrated by doing some social and religious activities since long. Agam Divakar shri Janakmuniji arranges such type of activities or function which either promotes social development, educational development or religious developments. On this occasion many people either gets new way to religion, needy students get educational helps or poor or unemployed gets chance to become self-employed.
Before nearer future Agam Divakar shri Janakmuniji celebrated his 73rd birthday by distributing 73 Sewing Machines to jain families. He continued the same by distributing 74 Sewing Machine on his 74th birthday too.

Distribution of bicycle, text books, notebooks and other study materials.
Students studying in different standards faces the problems to reach their school or colleges without vehicle as they are from poor family and because of their education may get disturbed. Agam Divakar shri Janakmuniji strongly believes in education. So to meet out the problems of these students he arranges to donate the bicycles, above this he also plans to distribute the text books, notebook and other study materials without which students suffers in study; Agam Divakar shri Janakmuniji arranges the availabilities for this types facilities to needy students.

He appeals to the rich and well to do families of the society who are able to help the jain families. Able people also accepts and answers to the appeals from Agam Divakar shri Janakmuniji and provides the required money or anything.


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