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  Shri Dungarsinhji Maharaj Saheb

Shri Kamalsinhbhai was born in a Badani family in a town named Mahendrapuri. In the Saurashtra region of Gujarat state in India. Afterwards he shifted to Mangrol city near Veraval with his virtuous wife and extremely beautiful daughter Velben. He starts to live in the building of Shri Zaverchand Bhansali’s house. During the time Mangrol town grown famous and changed to a small city. Kamalsinhjibhai arranged education for his children. Dungarsinhji was the enlighten personality among the children of Kamalsinhjibhai. Dungarsinh started study at Veraval, a small city near by Mangoral.

After Dungarsinhji grown young; again Kamalsinhjibhai shifted to Diu for better professional prospects.He left the Managrol with his wife and two young sons.


Dungarsinhoji was very eager from very early age to achieve the divine dixa. Knowing this idea his mother told Dungarsinhji for not taking the way to leave the family as well as society. She also explained him that he is only the valuable asset for family, and should not leave brothers and sisters. She told, “Dear child you are so delicate, you are not fit for this dixa. Nothing is more dear and near than you, please don’t leave the family.

But Dungarsinhji was very firm about his decision of achieving the divine dixa. In those days muni shri Ratnasinhji maharaj saheb arrived in Diu. Dungarsinhji met him and urge them for proceeding to the way of divine. He praised gurudev Ratnetrayji very heartily for dixa. Guru Ratnatrayji also found this diamond-like disciple best suited and he give him the Bhagavati Dixa.

On 10th new moon day of gujarati month Kartik in 1815 B.C. he achieved the great Charitra Dixa from gurudev shri Ratnatrayi m.s. In presence of lots of people of village and from surrounding. With all the religious procedures and blessings from parents and all present people and from gurudev shri Ratnatrayee m.s. shri Dungarshiji became Dungarsinhji maharaj saheb for all the jain community.

Gradually he increased his penance and deep interested towards the study of all the Jain literature. With increasing intensity of desire for the illumination the Gurudev Ratnatrayee explained him the great Jain literature Agams.

Pujya gurudev initiated pujya shri Dungarsinhji m.s. In various paths of spiritual discipline of five types such as Achara, Gochari, Aaishana, and Gaueshna and three types of gupti. He prepared him for prospective monastic life.

During his continuous traveling for spread of the religious faith and trust for Jainism among the general people, once Dungarsinhji reached to Gondal. There he was having some religious discussion with his disciples in the city of Gondal. However he decided to leave the Gondal due to some conflict with them. He left Gondal and came to Gomta, a small town with his diciples. Maharani, the queen of Gondal came to know this matter she became sad, she rushed to Dungarsinhji m.s. and offered her best respect and urged to came back to Gondal. Shri Dungarsinhji accepted her request and again came to Gondal.

There he made Gondal the main center for the development of the cult and established the Gondal Gutchh. There he prepared m.s. shri Bhimji m.s. As his successor.

After growing old and old Shri Dungarsinhji m.s. Decided to keep fasting till the death. He told his disciples that he want to keep the friendship with death, he want the to leave the food and water till the death, the Moksha, and he started the ‘Anshan Vrat’On the 60th day of the fasting without food and water his dreat divine soul left the body and got the moksh.

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