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  " Agam Divakar " Award

Agamdivakar, Gurjar Saint Shiromani, Bahushrut

His striking humility, profound wisdom and simplicity have served the religion as well as the society Hon. Janakminuji has been honoured with various awards.

Agam Divakar (1968).

The ward ‘Agam Divakar’ consist of two wards i.e. ‘Agam’ and ‘Divakar’. ‘Agam’ means Scripture the religious books, sacred writings; and ‘Divakar’ means the Sun. “Agam Divakar” means the shining sun of scriptures.

In 1968 vikram samvat 2024 in Rajkot at Virani Paushadh Shala Janakmuni honoured with the award of “Agam Divakar”.

A mahasatiji from Dariyapuri cult (sampraday) Tarabai, a mahasatiji from Gopal limdi cult lilavatibai and all the mahasatiji group get impressed with the intensive and deep knowledge about agam of Janakmuni in a public preach ­— in a vanchna; they honoured Janakminu with the “Agam Divakar” award.

Gurjar Saint Shiroman i (2002)

In 2002 at Raipur in a public preach Shraman Sangh Pravartak shri Ratanminiji maharaj saheb awarded Janakmuni with “Gurjar Saint Shiromani” which means like crown diamond of all the saints of Gujarat. The leading, scholar and glorious personality, From that day Janakmuni became known as “Gurjar Saint Shiromani”
Bahushrut (2005)

‘Bahushrut’ means most listeners.

Janakmuni learnt all the Agams in details from Pandit-ratna shri Samarthlalji maharaj saheb he did deep thinking and contemplation about the agams. He became scholar up the extent that he can reply any question regarding the agams instant and descriptive too.

Because of this ability Janakmuni honoured with “Bahushrut” by Royal Park Upashray, Sthanakwasi Jain Sangh during the chaturmas at Rajkot.

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