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  Shree Bhagvati Upkram

Bhagwati Upkram is the fifth sutra of the whole 32 Agams. It explains the divine feelings of the soul. Ofcourse all the 32 agams are not only most important but excellent too as per its subject depth, discription but the Bhagwati Upkram possess the special importance.

The name of the Bhagwati Sutra is “Vyakhya-Pragnapti Sutra”. This sutra is the glorious sutra and is rich with the explanation of the 36000 questions containing various subjects; all questions had been asked by hon. Shri Gautam Swami and other questioners while all the questions have been satisfied by hon. lord Shri Mahavir Swami. Because of its speciality and adorance this sutra has been known as the name “Shri Bhagwati Sutra”

“Shri Bhagwati Sutra” is divided into 41 main shatak and 1925 uddeshaks.
This is an auspicious Aagam. It has the treasury of the knowledge. It is the great criticism on the lively world as well as substance world. Extra ordinary combinaton of the phylosophy and implementation is the great speciality of this agam.

The composer has also use the support of some story to predict some phylosophy. In this sutra various questions hav been asked during the various time period, it dosen’t have any serial. This agam explains about all the material objects, knowledge of atoms and planes have been mentioned here.

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