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  Gondal Gatchhna na Jyotirdharo

“Gondal Gatchh na Jyotirdharo” is not a book but a volume, which contains great historical information about life and work of divine entities of last 200 years. The book is full of the autobiographies of many monks. This autobiography leads the society to mold thy life accordingly.

The book has a Quotation of an Angla poet Long Fellow who writes :
Lives of great men all around us,
We can make our lives sublime,
And departing, have behind us,
Footprints on the sands of time.

In old age before an ago people might not felt the importance of the name and fame as they might have been believing that name is not long-lasting in the world; moreover they also might not felt need of keeping the notes about the greater personalities, monks or devotees, their divine deeds, life style, way they took for moksha and affords they did for enlistment of society as well as the religion. Due to this there is very less availability of the historical details regarding the Jain saints of back age. But Agam Divakar Shri Janakmuniji and Shri Jagdishmuniji made the tremendous affords and collected the information through available sources and this book came in appearance.

The book is spaded in three main and four sub parts. Each parts has its own importance.

First Part explains the biography of shri Dungarshi m.s. the founder of the Gondal Gatchh. In this part the life catch of Shri dungarsinhji m.s. is explained in much details. It contains the birth history where Shri Dungarsinhji m.s. was born, also reflects his living style, attachment towards religion, honor and respect to saints, religious activities etc. The first part has one sub part in which the character sketch of prevailing saints and other great personalities in monks are shown.

Second Part contains details about second pattadhar acharya Shri Bhimdevji m.s., third pattadhar acharya shri Nenshi Swami, Upadhyay shri Kanji Swami, fourth pattadhar shri Jesangswami, fifth pattadhar shri Devji Swami more over the memorable daya of Gondal Gutchh’s great personalities. The second part has three-sub part. The first subpart has the information about parents, birthplace, penance religious achievements, social refomation and many other aspects of shri ‘Jay-Manek’. Two brothers Jay and Manek who later on became famous as ‘Jay-Manek’ Bandhu (Bandhu means brothers). This sub part contains full details about this two brother.

The second subpart says about the historical and roaring personality, who may called the life blood for Saurashtra’s jains, who had been living legend and we known as ‘Saurashtra Kesri’ Gurudev Shri Pranlalji m.s. Starting from his birth this subpart explains the death of his parents, attachment to religion, eagerness to be monk, achievement of dixa, the great three principles formed by him, first principle is “Samanvayvad ane Akhandanvad” means co-ordinationa and nonbreaking of anybody’s opinion. second principle is “Lokupkar ane Dagdharm ni Pradhanta” means helping needy and promote donations. third principle is “Agnan na nash mate Vidhyalaya ane Gnanbhandaro ni Sthapna” means to promote education more and more and for that establish more libraries, knowledge centers, and develop education activities.

The third part of this volume contains life study of many sadhviji ­— the jain lady monk. Specifically it tells about Samarth Ratna Shri Hirubai m.s., Sadhvisangh shiromani Shri Mankunvarbai m.s., Param Vidushi Shri Gangabai m.s., Mota Dudhibai m.s., Shr Devkunvarbai m.s., Shri Manibai m.s., Shri Ujjambai m.s., Shri Chhabalbai m.s., Shri Mithibai m.s. and the name list of prevailing sadhvijis’.

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