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Many religious activities have been celebrated in presence of hon. Janakmuniji M.S. Paryushan celebration, Mahavir Jyanti, different types of tapasyas, japs etc. Out of these all a memorable occasion is the Dixadan to miss Bhavya Tejani the daughter of shri Naynaben Lalitbhai Hethabhai Tejani.

The Tejani family of Surendranagar presently living at Ghatkopar, Mumbai has got the great luck to have a monk from their family. That was miss Bhavya; a young lady of only 29 years old, from her childhood she was attached heartily to the Jainism and was confident to procure the dixa.

And ultimately the glorious day came and a great Dixa Mahotsav took place. On the 19th day of January in 2006 Rajkot Jain Society was full of joy for having a shining moments of the dixadan at Royal Park Sthanakwasi Jain Mota sangh.

The Dixadan was celebrated in presence of many spiritual leaders of Gondal Gatchh’s Jain monks like Param Darshanik Shri Jayantilalji m.s. Vanibhushan shri Girishminuji m.s., Gungambhira shri Gulabbai m.s., Mangalmurti shri Muktabai m.s. Bavyogini shri Lilambai m.s. And mainly Agam Divar hon. shri Janakmuniji m.s.

It was a magnificent event of converting the inanimate life to divine life. It was a pilgrimage to follow the mahavrats implied by lord Mahavirswami.


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