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  Jivannu Rahsya

On the 3rd day holy of July 1994 in the Pandit Ratnachandraji Jain Kanyashala Ghatkopar, Mumbai Agam Divakar Shri Janakmuniji m.s. Preached a public speech on the interesting subject “The Secrate of Life” (In terms of Jainism) and more than 1500 listeners were there to attend this lecture of Shri Janakmuniji m.s.

He described the secret of life in terms of Jainism in very easy but sharp and appealing language. He explained many small but very touchy and in avoidable points to know the facts of life.

It is easy to learn the knowledge but it is very difficult to know the knowledge told Janakmuniji in his speech. He also focused on the three types of religion shown by lord Mahavir.

The first religion lord Mahavir Swami told is “Aachar dharm” means ‘Implementation’. Implementation of knowledge in life is the real religion. Person may have too much knowledge but until he follows it, it is of no use. It is the only real knowledge, which is implemented in each and every action of life. This type of religion is told the best type of religion.

The second religion is “Kriya Dharm” means ‘To act’, which is told second level religion. And “Vato no Dharma” means to become only talk only chatting personality rather than acting. This type of religion is told the third category religion. Shri gurudev explained that one who – becomes talking or chatting only feels satisfied oneself with his talking. This type of people talks more instead of getting knowledge. Shri Janakmuniji said scholar is one who acts as the knowledge; the applied knowledge is the real knowledge. Only the applied knowledge can help us.

Within a very small book and in a lecture Agam Diwakar Shri Janakmuni has shown the tremendous depth of the life. Many scholars had appreciated this lacture; finding the great vision impressed people. Shri Chanmpakbhai D. Vora was one of them who attended this lecture. He thought to publish this preach as a book. Shri Gunvantibhai Barwalia prepared the write up of that lecture. Donors donate needful money and ultimately that has been as a small but very effective book.

Publisher shri Chandelle D. Vora declared the price at half rate at just Rs. 2/- where the production cost was Rupees 4/-.

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