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  Shelter for Blind Ladies

Andh Mahila Vikas Gruh, Rajkot is organised by one oh the trust whereblind girls from different places come and stay, study, learn music including Bhajans, Jain Stavans etc. After completing their study they go back to their parents. Very few get settled with their parents, brothers & sisters. But many of them are very unhappy and passing miserable life. After long time when they come back to their family, members do not like their presence. Some blind lady talked to Pujya Janakmuni m.s. Janakmuni m.s. advised the trustees if Vardhaman Trust to have institute go get settled such Pragna Chakshu Mahila (Blind Lady) and rehabilitate them in the life. They should be given further education, shelter, food, clothing love and affection like their parents.

Every blind girl has a history which is so sensitive that if one listen to it, tears will start flowing from one’s eyes.

Our project is to get rid of inferiority complex and diffidence from blind girls due to loss of eyes, so that they can live life with confidence. Allow them to study to become graduate.

To get them settled in marriage life with suitable blind or otherwise men to enable them to establish in life.

To train them in following trades & crafts as per their aptitudes.
1. Working on computers
2. Sewing clothes & Embroidery
3. Making Jute Bags
4. Physio Therapy
5. Book Binging Etc.
6. Typing
7. Music and many other training

Shri Pragna Chakshu Mahils Seva Kunj where pragna chakshu mahila will be provided accommodation, food, clothing, training for home industry and to make provision for earnings.

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