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Bird eye View.....

It was the 3rd Day of August in the year 1933. When a boy born in the village of Pransva, near Junagadh, in India in Desai family. Shri Popatbhai and Shri Labhkunvarben the parents, enjoyed the birth of that boy. Town people also conveyed their best regards and shared the joy. But they were totally unknown that the child, they have been happy with, will become a glorious and shining star of the world of the Jainism.

After 13 days the child given name "Janak"

Child Janak took education up to standard 4 in his town Pransva, then Shri Popatbhai shifted family to Junagadh for his better education. Again Janak studied more 3 standard at Junagadh. Child Janak was endowed with attachment and honour to Jainism. He could not fit himself with academic schooling and traditional education, he left the school and picked up the way to religious education and paid keen interest into Jainism. Atmosphere was also most appropriate for that as Jain saints were visiting regularly at Popatbhai's house.

Once a saint, who was awarded with "Saurashtra Kesari" Hon. Gurudev Shri Pranlalji M.S. came to Junagadh. He met child Janak and found some different light and lustre within child Janak. Muniji asked question: "What do you want to be?" Child Janak replied: Sir, If you grant me the 'Dixa' I want to become saint" Parents Popatbhai and Labhkunvarben hand over his child to Pranlalji Maharajsaheb.

After achieving the proper and deep education from Hon. Tap Samrat Ratilalji Maharajsaheb who was the disciple of Pranlalji Maharajsaheb. Janak started to learn and remember the 'Thokda' and 'Agam' of Jain religion.

On the Fagan Sud Bij of 2014 Janak received the Dixa and he given name "Janakmuni" Thus one more highly shining, glittering and brilliant star added into the sky of jain Gondal Gatchh. It was very young age of 24 year when Janak picked up the way to alight and highlight the religion.

After achieving the dixa Janakmuni went to Rajasthan to acquire the universal knowledge of Jain religion and further study of the "Agams".

Janakmuni got the great knowledge of the "Agam".

In 1967 many Sadhvijis took the Vanchna of "Bhagvati Sutra" from Hon. Janakmuni. Getting impressed by the great knowledge of 'Agam' of Janakmuniji Sadhviji shri Lilavantibai, shri Tarabai mahasatiji and in presence of other sadhvijis and all the jain Dasa Shrimali Stanakvasi Jain community Janakmuni awarded with the honour of "Agam Diwakar" and till the day he works and lives as the present spiritual leader of the jain society. His life it self represents a succession of spirituality and devotion to the Jainism.

Social Reforms.....

Agam Divakar Shri Janakmuni devoted his life to adopt and follow the principles of lord Mahavir. He concentrated on promoting personal morality and moulding spiritual character.

Because of sympathetic nature and care for sufferers Janakmuni introduced innovative social reforms and undertook charitable work to help the poor and needy.

Following are the flash.....

By inspiration of Hon.. Janakmuni on 12th of December, 1979 an Eye Hospital took place in Una with the name "Shri Mehta Eye Hospital" and then "Smt. Vidyaben Deepchand Gardi Sarvajanik General Hospital", Una. Dist. Junagadh in Gujarat. Started with very small scale and day by day it get developed with the help of the donors from India as well as abroad too. Today the hospital has become one of the best Eye hospital of saurashtra. In the hospital Surgery section, Eye section, Gynec section, Physician section, Child Care section, Ex-ray section, a laboratory are working very efficiently and mobile treatment unit, ambulance van, dining hall are also active.

In the year 1989 a Girls' Hostel started in Junagadh by the blessings and inspiration of Hon.. shri Janakmuni. Hon. shri Janakmuni emphasis on the principles of kindness and sympathy to needy and sufferers and the hostel works and follows this. Free living and food facilities are given to the girls studying in std. 8 to college to promote the education awareness. Above this hostel also provides small scale professional courses like Beauty Parlour, Computer Education, Sewing and also helps for books, uniforms etc..

One more feather is going to be added in the crown of Janakmuni for social services is that a Shri Gathani Public Jain Hospital at Visavadar has taken place and being developed.

His striking humility, profound wisdom and simplicity have touched many. His love and honour for Jainism and respect for religious education is weaving a fabric of jain religion's development, unity, interface harmony and universal peace. .

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