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  Prasannamuniji M.S.

Prasannamuniji was born on 21st on November, 1927 Monday the Gujarati month Kartak Vad 13 in Pransva Town. This is the welknown place where the great Agam Divakar, Bahushrut, Gurjar Saint Shiromani Shri Janakmuniji born.

The land of Pransva had been very lucky, as there happened the birth of two great personalities for Jain world that is Shri Janakmuniji m.s. And the other one is Shri Prasannamuniji m.s. Who later on became the disciple of Shri Janakmuniji.

Shri Prasannamuniji m.s. in his childhood very loved by the whole family. As he was younger he enjoyed many more benefits from his family. He was the most beloved child of the family his name was decided the “Pran”.


The Child ‘Pran’was enjoying the childhood. But in those days a bad incident of his father’s death happened. Though “Pran’ was of just 2.5 years but he lost the shelter of his father.

Day by day child ‘Pran’ was growing. At the proper age for study family member started his education in the town Pransva, here he studied up to standard 4 in gujarati language. Then he took education of further 3 year at Vadal where his aunty Ramkunvarben was living. But as the limited availability of education Pran again shifted to Junagadh and got education over there. During his whole education ‘Pran’ also got the religious education too paralal with his academic education.

Once in Pransva town Agam Divakar Shri Janakmuniji came. The whole Pransva became full of the religiously atmosphere. ‘Pranlal’ at the age of only 16 the entering in his youth declared against the whole people not to take the dinner for the whole life. Not taking dinner in the night or after setting of the sun had most importance in Jain religion; it is called “Chauvihar” in Jain terminology. It is also very difficult also. Pranlal stocked too for the whole life. He joined his family business in 1999 after finishing his study. Pranlal got married with Shri Rasilaben Shah, the daughter of shri Ambavidas Mithabhai shah and Manuben Shah of zanzrada.

After marriage he went to Jaisingpur with a view to develop the business. But his luck did not worked properly he got failure in the business and came back and passed 3 years. But even if his hard working he did not get success and again he went to Jaisingpur and started business with his brother in law. During this time a first child a quite daughter born in his family and she named ‘Niru’.

The bad luck was not far from Pranlal, he got failure in his business, which he had started with his brother in law. Ultimately he went to Sangli city and joined a job and settled his family in Sangli. Here the second child, a boy born and he named ‘Mahendra’ afterwards who achieved dixa and became the Jain monk.

After two years passing in Sangli he had to come at Pransva as his mother like elder Saintokben got ill and died. Here the third child a girl born and was named ‘Sarla’. In Pransva town Pranlal took over the family business of rosary in Pransva. But again he had to be disturbed as his mother and then after some time father like elder died. He left town Pransva and started living in Junagadh. Here he found the success in his business, his stars started shining. He got the third girl named Bharti and then again serially three girls born. Thus six daughters and a son was his family. He paid keen attention to teach religious education to his children from their early childhood.

After death of Shri Pranlalji m.s. it was the first occasion where at a time five person were achieving the great dixa at Veraval city in Saurashtra area of Gujarat. Among those one was the great Agam Divakar, Bahushrut, Gurjar Saint Shiromani Shri Janakmuni. This occasion appealed to Pranlal for taking the way to monarch. He decided to be monk, but as the big responsibility of seven children and a wife was there. It necessary to maintain their life and was required to set them in their life, Pranlal concentrate on his business. Business may require many types of activity, which may or may not be according to he religious principles, sometime lying also becomes necessary. Pranlal was unhappy to do these types of malpractices in business against religion therefore he started to write account for those who need this type of services. Of course it was not good enough to fulfill all the requirements of family but as it was merely a pure work without any more malpractices against religion. Pranlal started to live like monk. He minimized his requirements, lived very simply and concentrated on religion.

Along with this all his all-family members were also paying keen interest in religion. Surajben the sister of Agam Divakar Shri Janakmuniji requested Pranlal to look after and handle the business of Shri Durlabhjibhai. Pranlalbhai shifted his living to Ranpur. Here in Ranpur Shri Janakmuniji visited. Once Janakmuniji met Mahendra, the son of Pranlalbhai. He asked to Rasilaben and Pranlalbhai to handover his son Mahendra for making Mahendra monk. Without any hesitation Pranlalbhai agreed. Though mother Rasilaben cried and explained the responsibility of remaining six daughter, only Mahendra was the helping hand in their old age etc. but Pranlalbhai was form about hid decision. He did not worried about anything and handover his son to shri Janakmuniji m.s. and he started his divine life.

After brother Mahendra sister Sarla also demanded for Dixa. With the advice of Shri Janakmuniji Pranlalbhi send Sarla to Mumbai for religious education under guidance of shri Ratilalji m.s. Just after six month of this Pranlalbhai’s thirteen-year younger daughter Bharti asked parents for achieving the dixa. Pranlalbhai told this matter to Shri Janakmuni and with his perdition he told Bharti to finish the study first.

As time passed Pranlalbhai did the marriage of their girls and set them in their life. Now there was only one responsibility of their wife Sarlaben. Living within the social life Pranlalbhai did many social activities as well as many religious activities. He started free buttermilk distribution center for many years. He started a Jain guesthouse, taught many children religious education, looked after serving the saints, and lived at the honorable president of the Jain sangh.

On the 2nd June 1995 Rasilaben came early from Upashraya. Pranlalbhai found her health weak, he called doctor. Doctor explained that was a heart attack. Pranlalbhai did all the religious procedure. But within very short time one more attack she faced and died.

The dead body was in the house and all family members were crying, Pranlalbhai told his daughters and son in laws “Dear daughters and most dear son in laws till the day I was busy with fulfilling my all the social responsibilities. Today that had become finished. Just after finishing this procedure I will proceed to the Gurudev for betterment of life and to fulfill my long behind wish of monk life. I want to bare ‘Saintharo’.” (Saintharo means to leave to take food and water until person dies.)

On the glorious day of 26th of October, 1996 Pranlalbhai became “Shri Prasannamuniji m.s.”

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