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The second remarkable event is the ‘Samuhik Parna Mahotsav’ at Junagadh on 29th day of March 2006.

‘Parna’ means to break the fast. After making the fasts for many days or doing the ‘tapasya’ of any kind like Attham (3 days fasting), Atthai (8 days fasting), Maskshaman (Fasting for a month), or Varsitap (Alternate day fasting for the year) completion of these tapasyas are celebrated with the “Parna”. “Parna” is a ritual of presenting some food or some liquid in little quantity to break the fast. This occasion has the great value and importance as it is following procedure of he great tapsya of fasting.

“Samuh Parna Mahotsav” is a festival in which many or all the ‘tapaswais’ of a city or an area celebrates the parna together at any Jain upashrya or a public place in presence of the leading monks.

In March 2006 at Junagadh a parna mahotsava was celebrated.

In this mahotsav 115 Varsitap holders had taken part and it was glorious day like anything. This great celebration had been enjoyed in presence of Agam Diwakar hon. shri Janakmuniji m.s. And many other mharaj saheb and sadhvijis. Whole occasion was supported with small and big donations with benevolence from many people.

Parna Mahotsav at Junagadh Shantaben Anopchandbhai Shah family of Vadhwan presently living in Nasik was the main donner. Also many more other donors also donate for different process of the ‘Parna Mahotsav’ like donation for Prizes to tapasvis, donation for invitation card (Patrika), donation for decoration of event and so on.

Agam Diwakar, Gurjar Saint Shiromani hon. shr Janakmuniji m.s. Preached the blessings for the Dixadan and led miss Bhavya to the way to divine life, from worldly illusion to spiritual life.

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