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Agam Divakar shri Janakmuni is very concious about the eduation development. He has noted that less availebility of living fecility and weak economic condition terminates the eduction; and specifically in girls.

Janakmuniji values the importance of education in girls. He says "If girls would be educated then and only then they would be able to educate and mold their comming genration. As per the proverb "A child if the father of a man" 'a mother proves batter tnan hundred teacher'.

Educated mother can cast the sound genration which can fortify the society and religioun." Considering this fact, Janakmuni dicided to start a hostel for girls. He present this idea to shri Balvantbhai Kamdar anf shri Harsukhbhai Kamdar and persuade the importance of girls' education. They both donate a lacs of rupeesfor this girls' hostel, and build it in Junagadh near Kalwa Chowk area. This hostel is given name "Matushri Narbhekunvarben Maganlal Kamdar Jain Kanya Chhatralaya" This hostel was inaugurated by prevailing state finance minister of Gujarat Shri Chhabildas Mehta.

In the year 1989 a Girls' Hostel started in Junagadh by the blessing and inspiration of Hon.. shri Janakmuni. Hon. shri Janakmuni emphasis on the principles of kindness and sympathy to needy and sufferers. This hostel works and follows this ideas. Free living and food facilities are given to the girls studying in std. 8 to college to promote the education awareness. Moreover this hostel also provides small scale professional courses like Beauty Parlour, Computer Education, Sewing and also helps for books, uniforms.

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