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  Jivan Jivo Susanskarothi

"Jivan Jivo Su-Sanskarothi" is one of the best book of the compilation of preaches delivered by hon. shri Janakmuniji m.s.

Shri Chetanbhai Jasani who is known as "Chaitanya" has compiled the lactures delivered by shri Janakmuniji m.s. at diffrent places on various subjects. Shri Chetanbhai has explained all the discourses in very easy style in gujarati language.

The book introduces the life of hon. shri Janamuniji m.s. in brief but to the point and very clearly.

This book has thirteen chapters about following diffrent subjects.

  • The secrate of life
  • Success
  • Enlight life with good actions
  • Good conducts
  • Self Analysis
  • Forgiveness
  • Come out of orthodoxy
  • Be good, Do good
  • Hapiness with virtu
  • Satisfaction
  • Discration
  • Surrender to almighty

Hon. shastravishrad shri Manoharmuniji m.s. has encourage and motivate Chetanbhai to prepare the compilation of the preacheas of shri Janakmuniji m.s. and he did it in such nice way that any person can understand the meaning and can follow it.
Shri Vardhman Trust has published this book very attractively. Though the price of the book comes to be Rs. 20; with a view to make it easy for religious study cost is put just Rs. 10.

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