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‘Saurashtra Kesri’ Shri Pranlalji m.s.

Shri Pranlalji m.s. had been the living legend in the Gondal Gutchh jain cult. He is the personality who cast and motivates the Jainism. He uplifted the jain religion to height. With the caliber he was made up he established three new basic principles for betterment and for spreading the more knowledge of humanity and religion.

Shri Pranlalji m.s. was born on the Gujarati Vikram Samvat 1954, Shravan Vad 5 in Shri Keshavlalbhai and Shri Kunvarbai’s family at Veraval a small city in Gujarat. In his childhood he had been living in a nice atmosphere of religion. It is believed that he had been stopping crying when there had some religios talking in family. It shows that Pranlalji m.s was keened interested in religion from his early childhood.

Biography Of Pranlalji AgamDivakar

From fifth year he admitted in ‘Pathshala’ (Jain religion teaching School) for religion study and in a school for education. At the age of just 13 years he achieved the great command over jain procedural study as well as he finished 6 Gujarati standard and 2 English standard schooling education. At his 15th year of age he had to pass through a sad moment of his mother’s death. Even if the continue treatment from many doctors and many types of medicines she could not saved. But this occasion motivated Pranlal to progress on the way to the Jainism monarchy. But this was not the end of worldly problems. Just after the six months of Pranlal’s mother’s death his father also died who could not bear the loneliness after death of his beloved, virtuous, religious wife; he also left the world.

After passing these all situation Pranlal turned more and more towards religion and decide to achieve the dixa as the ultimate solution for life. And ultimately the day arrived. It was Bagsra, which became the holy place of Gujarat state of India on the day of the Dixa Achivement of shri Pranlaljihai and he became Shri Pranlalji m.s.

Pranlalji m.s did so many religios and social activities for refomation of the society as well as the Jainism during his monk life. He strongly believed in respecting other’s opinions as well as beliefs too. He never break the ideas or thoughts conveyed from other people. He told “the person who attacks on the society, or religion by any way must be full of jealousy. One who criticize other criticizes himself.” This is the base of atmosphere full of unity, peacefulness and co-operation wherever Shri Pranlalji m.s. visited. He had become so honorable and respectful amongst the various cast of society that the Rajputs and Kathi Cast who strongly were believing in hunting; stopped their hunting activities and accepted the principle of non-violence just by listening and following the preach of Gurudev shri Pranlalji m.s. He was able to know the nature and personality of a person. He ever wasted time after talkative people.

Gurudev shri Pranlalji m.s. was highly worried about poor and sufferer people. In Vikram Samvat (Gujarati Years) 1998 it was the time of war, which affected all over the world. It was the time were people were in need morel support, peace and motivation to maintain mental stability. Gurudev shri Pranlalji m.s. never rushed after talking about ‘the moxa’ and ‘Atma-Uddhar’ but he started many activities for reformation and development of society. He motivated the rich people to use their money for betterment of society.

Gurudev Shri Pranlalji m.s strongly believed that without proper education of religion, education of living, education of humanity. He established a big school in Vadia town, and also started big libraries in Rajkot, Jamnagar, Gondal and Ranpur with name “Pujya Dungarsinhji Swami Jain Library”. In many other cities also he started libraries for spade of knowledge and to educate people. Gurudev Shri Pranlalji m.s. established the three great principles relating to these ideology. First principle is “Samanvayvad ane Akhandanvad” means co-ordination and nonbreaking of anybody’s opinion. Second principle is “Lokupkar ane Dagdharm ni Pradhanta” means helping needy and promote donations. Third principle is “Agnan na nash mate Vidhyalaya ane Gnanbhandaro ni Sthapna” means to promote education more and more and for that establish more libraries, knowledge centers, and develope education activities.

In 1978 he passed his last chaturmas at Jetpur. During his stay he had been living life to 'The Moksha'. He took the way to leave the life with 'Saintharo'. He lived for 19 days after "Saintharo". On the Gujarati moth Magsar Sud 15 he left the body and achived the "Mokhsa"

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