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  Jain Girl's Hostel in Rajkot

Parallel to the religious uplift Janakmuni has been looking after the social uplift too. Sympathetic nature and care for sufferers Janakmuni introduced innovative social development as well as he undertook many charitable works to help the poor and needy.

Through an experience of problem of cataracts in both the eyes at a time and unavailability of facilities for general public inspired him to do some concrete work to make available medical facilities easy for them. As the Saurashtra has been birth place and work place he also thinks for the better development at there too. Hon. Janakmuniji has planned for many activities in Saurashtra. Those are such types of activities which are required for better today as well as tomorrow.

Educational Development Jain Girl’s Hostel

Though awareness to education in Jain is better, but then also there are families who are not able to educate their children because of poor economic condition or less availability of resources for study, mainly in small towns and villages this problem affects more.

Hon. Janakmuniji has been working for the development in this sector; In Junagadh by the inspiration of hon. Janakmuni a hostel is working which provides accommodation, dining and many other facilities at very less, say token rate just like that a hostel he has decided to establish a big girls’ hostel in Rajot, which will give the facility of living free or at only token rate. Moreover the hostel will also provide the free dining too.

Holy and good activity never stops because of money, only the words of hon. gurudev shri Janakmuni has built up many Upashrayas, Hospitals and many other utilities for society and religion. To make real the glorious dream for hostel in Rajkot of hon. Janakmuni requires some donation;

following is the Sketch of donation requirement:

1000 Sq.Yard Land for Hostel.
Construction of Hostel.
Construction of one Room.
Construction of Prayer Hall.
Construction of Game Hall.
Construction of Professional Education Centre.
Tea-Breakfast for a year.
Lunch for a Year.
Dinner for a Year.
Uniform help (2 Dress) for a student.
Help for books to a student.
Water Cooler.
Medicine Help.
T. V. Set.

This is a small list above this also there are many expenses, so anybody can take this holy opportunity and can donate.

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