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  Devo no Angulinirdesh

"Devo no Anguli Nirdesh" is the book regarding forcasting of future through dreams.

According to the changing era changes in religion and democracy takes places. It is believed that almighty always explains these changes through some media like some divine personality. Ancient kings Punyapal and Chandragupt were the media for this declarations.

This book is based on some historical occurances. Two diffrent king at diffrent time saw some dreams which were the sign of the changes which was suppose to take place within future.

King Punyapal saw eight dreams, then after 170 years king Chandragupt saw sixteen dreams, mother of loard Mahavirswami saw 14 dreams; these all are considered as the indicatives of the comming tramendous changes as a whole. Those dreams were some sort of warning for society, warning for the followers of religions, for monks and for genral public.

This book indicates these eight and sixteen dreams of king punyapal and king Chandragupt.

Hon. Agam Divakar shri Janakmuniji m.s. and Shastravishrad shri Manohar Muniji m.s. has given the detail explanations.

This book is very small in volume and is published by shri Ramakantbhai Talakchandbhai Doshi of Janmagar.

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